Youth aBlaze is the teen ministry of GLBC that includes 6th -12th grade. Our purpose is to lead and inspire the next generation of Christians to love the Lord, walk with Him, and help others to do the same.



Sundays at 9:45am - Teen class

   *Sunday morning teen class meets in the chapel for our all teen assembly and then we break 3 different ways for our Bible time.


Wednesdays at 4pm - Teen soul winning

  *Teens go out soul winning and then are provided a meal at the church so they can stay through until Teen Time


Wednesdays at 7pm - Teen Time

   *Teens start in the regular midweek service in the auditorium and then are dismissed to the chapel for our Teen Time



Youth Leaders

Mark & Lacey Lenentine

Today's youth are tomorrow's leaders. This is true in society and this is true in our churches. At GLBC, we put an big emphasis on teens. God in every generation has used young people to make a huge impact on their world and we believe that God still wants to do the same in this generation.

We seek to partner with parents and families to encourage teens to be grounded and genuine in their faith, to have a real and personal walk with God, and to learn how to bring the light of Jesus Christ to a dark world.

We truly want to be a blessing to any and all parents and teens we can. Please let us know how we can help. See you soon!


Mark Lenentine

youth pastor

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Brandon & Briana Grending

Jeff & Casey Naugle

youth leaders

youth leaders

Teen Camp

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